a dragon in worst

Lair of the Young Dragon

This is the map I used to alpha test the game we are developing called Worst. Some of you may notice the room pattern is from the old Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guide page 95. I picked it for my first dungeon because it was one of the first dungeons I ever ran […]

werewolf vs turkey

Turkey Day Dungeon from One of My Old Players

One of my old players, who is going by the monicker The Pipette Samurai for this post, sent me a dungeon for me to post on my website here. It is a 1st level game for the Pathfinder Role Playing Game. It’s a basic RPG module perfect for any setting, or as a one-shot adventure. […]

Ransomers dungeon map

The Unfortunate Ransomers

Another quick intro dungeon for Pathfinders/3.5 peoples in particular. This one involves hobgoblins, 3-4 of them, who just took up shop near a town. They were supposed to deliver a ransom note to the town, but got distracted, or other ideas. That distraction or other idea will get sorted out if someone asks; I will […]

cave bandits level one dungeon

Cave Bandits a level 1 dungeon

This is a quick dungeon I jotted together tonight. It revolves around to sets of monsters, kobolds and goblins, who found a cool hideout up in the hills near a remote settlement. It is a three room intro game to get people interested in my home game. I like to have a dynamic game and […]

ireland old castle

A Giants Den

Now for my giants den. This a image I built from stock photos in Photoshop. It is for another quick Pathfinder RPG adventure I am creating for Winter War. I needed a den out in the swamp, by the town of Kingleaf, so I drew this out from some Images I pulled together from Ireland. […]

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Word of the Week: BAGATELLE

Bagatelle is a homophone as it has more than one meaning. It can refer to an insignificant thing or trifle. It also can refer to a game of billiards or similar game, and lastly it can mean a short verse of music. So in the memory of my second grade teacher who made us write […]


Word of the Week: PRECIOUS

My Precious!! I think Precious is a great word for Valentine’s Day! A friends’ son was asked to write on why “Love is the most important thing”. He wrote, that Love is not the most important thing, self control is more important. You can love some one, but if you don’t show self control you […]


Word of the Week: ABATTOIR

I used to work in a research lab that studied cell motility. My Professor noticed that the sperm cells of Ascaris suum use a different protein. Ascaris is a parasitic worm that lives in the intestines of pigs. So we used to drive 3 hours to an abattoir to dig through intestines and find these […]


Word of the Week: BADINAGE

WOOT! Woot! I think I have a new record! 3 weeks in a row!!! Some of you may have noticed that my “Word of the Week”, was more like the “word of ‘Whenever’”. My New Years resolution is to keep my WOW post (Word of the Week) going every week all year! So you can […]

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a dragon in worst

Worst Works Through Another Beta Game

Well, I tried my game I called Worst again on a new gang of players with good success. Everyone likes that the character creation is fast. I changed the coin to be based more on silver pieces rather than gold pieces. New characters start with a set number of copper pieces when making a new […]


Worst Time Making Changes

I test ran Worst, the role playing game I am working on, and my players had a blast except for the character generation, which took too long. I am in the process of reworking the game so it can be played quickly so that it is perfect for down time at a convention. Cool parts […]

alpha version character sheet for the Worst Game

Running My Worst Alpha Test Game Today

I have enough of the basics done to try the game I am creating, called Worst, out on my players for the first time. I quick jotted out notes on all the races and spells. I made a character sheet and have a dungeon ready. The game is going back to the basics of a […]

Worst RPG

Been Doing My Worst

I am still working on my game, I am calling Worst. I have simple character sheets built and the basics for the races done for this game. I even started on spells and combat actions. Since Worst will be more of a rouge like game I am building up the mechanics for searching a room […]

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