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Lair of the Young Dragon

This is the map I used to alpha test the game we are developing called Worst. Some of you may notice the room pattern is from the old Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guide page 95. I picked it for my first dungeon because it was one of the first dungeons I ever ran […]

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Turkey Day Dungeon from One of My Old Players

One of my old players, who is going by the monicker The Pipette Samurai for this post, sent me a dungeon for me to post on my website here. It is a 1st level game for the Pathfinder Role Playing Game. It’s a basic RPG module perfect for any setting, or as a one-shot adventure. […]

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The Unfortunate Ransomers

Another quick intro dungeon for Pathfinders/3.5 peoples in particular. This one involves hobgoblins, 3-4 of them, who just took up shop near a town. They were supposed to deliver a ransom note to the town, but got distracted, or other ideas. That distraction or other idea will get sorted out if someone asks; I will […]

cave bandits level one dungeon

Cave Bandits a level 1 dungeon

This is a quick dungeon I jotted together tonight. It revolves around to sets of monsters, kobolds and goblins, who found a cool hideout up in the hills near a remote settlement. It is a three room intro game to get people interested in my home game. I like to have a dynamic game and […]

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A Giants Den

Now for my giants den. This a image I built from stock photos in Photoshop. It is for another quick Pathfinder RPG adventure I am creating for Winter War. I needed a den out in the swamp, by the town of Kingleaf, so I drew this out from some Images I pulled together from Ireland. […]

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Yet Another Beta

Going to give my game one more try. I do have a character generator kind of built and may make it available in the near future. I think after this beta test I may be ready to actually print an organized version of the rules and try letting the public test the game. We still […]


Cool Pathfinder Comic

I was just emailed this so I bounced it up to my Blog here. Erik Mono Publisher at Paizo Inc. said there is a new Pathfinder comic out. It looks to be cool. The comic series is called Pathfinder Origins #1. Link:, and follows Valeros before he met all the other Pathfinder iconics. Darn […]


I am Dead at What?

I was playing pathfinder society game earlier this fall, and there were a few character deaths in the game. Generally, character death is unquestioned, the PC hits that magic number of negative whatever the character constitution number is and that’s, that; the character is dead. In this game though, one guy was lucky enough to […]


What do I Want from a Table Top Role Playing Game

I have thought about this a lot lately, I really do enjoy table top RPGs, more specifically, sword and sorcery fantasy games like Pathfinder and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. The first games I played were with the classic TSR Dungeons and Dragons boxed set. I remember working on my character sheet, writing with a freshly […]

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Making Monsters for Worst

I have created a great little fast play RPG game system called Worst. I made up character and race rules and built up tables for weapons, armor and gear, next is monsters. I am using three stats for characters and monsters, Body, Mind and Spirit. So a monster like a basic goblin would have a […]


Still Building up Worst

I have been busy making tables of weapons and equipment and armor for my game that I am still calling Worst. I was thinking of publishing with iBooks or maybe just simple paperback format. Any event, I am running another game test over Thanksgiving break and hope to have better feedback on the mechanics, and […]

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Long Weekend Coming Up, Time to Catch up on Worst

This Memorial Day weekend I plan to run another play test of Worst. The players like many aspects of the game so far, like, the fast and easy character generation and also how the rules handle player death. The game is very team oriented with typical dungeon life and death choices that can get a […]

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Worst Works Through Another Beta Game

Well, I tried my game I called Worst again on a new gang of players with good success. Everyone likes that the character creation is fast. I changed the coin to be based more on silver pieces rather than gold pieces. New characters start with a set number of copper pieces when making a new […]

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