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Lair of the Young Dragon

This is the map I used to alpha test the game we are developing called Worst. Some of you may notice the room pattern is from the old Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guide page 95. I picked it for my first dungeon because it was one of the first dungeons I ever ran […]

Turkey Day Dungeon from One of My Old Players

One of my old players, who is going by the monicker The Pipette Samurai for this post, sent me a dungeon for me to post on my website here. It is a 1st level game for the Pathfinder Role Playing Game. It’s a basic RPG module perfect for any setting, or as a one-shot adventure. […]

The Unfortunate Ransomers

Another quick intro dungeon for Pathfinders/3.5 peoples in particular. This one involves hobgoblins, 3-4 of them, who just took up shop near a town. They were supposed to deliver a ransom note to the town, but got distracted, or other ideas. That distraction or other idea will get sorted out if someone asks; I will […]

Cave Bandits a level 1 dungeon

This is a quick dungeon I jotted together tonight. It revolves around to sets of monsters, kobolds and goblins, who found a cool hideout up in the hills near a remote settlement. It is a three room intro game to get people interested in my home game. I like to have a dynamic game and […]

A Giants Den

Now for my giants den. This a image I built from stock photos in Photoshop. It is for another quick Pathfinder RPG adventure I am creating for Winter War. I needed a den out in the swamp, by the town of Kingleaf, so I drew this out from some Images I pulled together from Ireland. […]

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Running the Worst RPG in Texas

It’s Thanksgiving and I have my test group together from Wisconsin, Texas, Florida and Kansas. We are trying my latest iteration of the Worst Roleplaying Game. I made a dungeon called Lair of the Forgotten Sword; the name alone, lured them into the dungeon. It is real fun watching the players use the ruleset in […]

Second Saturday Game Day in Tampa

Here in Central Florida there is a regular public game day going on in Tampa. I am planning on going to check it out and maybe play a couple games. It looks like they will have a Pathfinder GM 101 session which sounds interesting. Possibly Related Posts: Spells for Worst Worst as a Long Term […]

iPad Pro Fun

I am making my own game, which means I have to do a lot of stuff on my own like writing rules, and making dungeons, and creating artwork. If you haven’t noticed already from my previous posts on my tabletop RPG game that I am calling Worst, this is not my primary job, but a […]

Making a Game is Tough Work

I have been GMing roleplaying games since 1980, and I am quite good at creating dungeons and filling monsters and judging rules from the gaming systems so I though making my own game would be easy, and it is. OK, I lie it is hard, complex and time consuming. I now know how much work […]

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Spells for Worst

This is my list of spells the players use in game. When we create characters, they get to choose a color of weave that they know from start. As they adventure, they learn more, and get more energy, which allows them to access new spell colors, or they can specialize in a color, by burning […]

Worst as a Long Term Game and Pinhead Characters

What I thought originally was that Worst RPG would be a great one shot game, something to play quick between campaigns from other systems, or at a gaming convention after a TPK. With that in mind, the characters in Worst can do a lot right out the door, after character creation. This makes for a […]

Worst Vampire Ever

Ok we are full in, on our WORST RPG gaming, and testing. In the past games, we had players fight skeletons, goblins and orcs. We even had a slug fest verses some ogres. The game gets interesting as players make choices in combat, and start teaming up as resources get low and players start dropping, […]

Worst Death in Review

In the RPG Worst, your character may die. Death happens when the body score drops to Zero. At that point a player can decide to die for good and start a new character, or transfer the character’s spirit to a container like a mug, or a gold coin, or even, a suit of armor. In […]

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