Archives for March 2007

Avernus the first layer of Hell

Many of my PC groups have made their way to the first layer of the Nine Hells. Infernal history tells that Bel, ruler of the first defeated Zariel to take control. I imagined an epic battle between … [Read more...]

Travel the Planes

In an attempt to keep Planescape alive in D&D 3.5, The World of Alidor is full of portals. One of the best places on the net to learn about Planescape is The site also has a great … [Read more...]

Turtle Books Added

I added turtle book category today. To get ideas for drawing my turtle cities I browsed many books on turtles and tortoises. I also went to places like the Milwaukee Zoo to get images of live … [Read more...]

Shent’s General Book & Game Store Open

Today is my first attempt at online commerce. I joined Amazon’s Associate program in January but it took until today to finally start my first aStore. I plan to expand my inventory through … [Read more...]