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Map of Major Towns in Jelling

Listed here are the major cities and towns in Jelling. … [Read more...]

The Nomads of Jerren

Here is a picture of one of the nomadic tribes known to wander Jerren. They are called the The White Horse Clan. Their leader Aramain Coldaxe pictured here on the horse was a gladiator from Tudd who … [Read more...]

Big Map of Jelling

This is just Jelling with no cities or districts drawn. The forest of Galliweine is a lighter grey in this image. … [Read more...]

Map of Jelling

This is a map of Jelling. It shows Lake Surma the large body of water and the dragon’s island and the forest of Galliweine. The locals call it Galleywine or sometimes Maiden’s Wood. The elves just … [Read more...]

Shent Village

Shent is a village in the district of Brunarn in Griffinmoore, Jelling, situated on the edge of the Mendip Hills nine miles northeast of Mistybay. The village has a population of 2,751. It is famous … [Read more...]

The Village of Cork

  This is an image of the city of Cork. Once known as the home of bards it is now a haven for orcan villainy. Rumor has it that the city crawled its way out of the Nine Hells. The city now wanders … [Read more...]