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Map of the World of Alidor

Just realized I forgot to put up my main map of the world. Here it is. … [Read more...]

Final Map of Jelling

This is the finished map of Jelling. Some stats: 1179 miles from southern most tip to northern and a total area of 447,119 square miles. Lake Surma area covers 58,489 square miles making it a pretty … [Read more...]

The Dwarf Clans of Jelling

On the island of Jelling, lives Kenbeth Stealsword the greatest hero of the dwarves and Thane of the Black Diamond Isle, for the dwarves named the island after its greatest resource, Iron ore. For the … [Read more...]

The Territories of Jelling

I added the 12 districts of Jelling. Red are the Four Dwarven clans independent from Jelling. There are 7 Southern districts & 4 Northern. The Yellow area around Shent Lodge is Zora Land and is a … [Read more...]

History of Port Headland

Year one in the modern history of the Nation of Jelling started when the survivors from the fated tortoise city named Jelling crawled onto land and were not eaten that day by the Dragon Surma. A … [Read more...]