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Divine Casters and Tortoises

Clerics Druids and other divine types also may choose a tortoise city as her deity. The basic guideline is that only domains that promote good outcomes can be chosen. Of all the tortoises only … [Read more...]

Various Tortoise Cities by Size

Large: Shell dimensions: 11,595,138 square feet; 5,000ft long x 3,489ft wide; 3,972ft high moving 2915ft high resting Medium: Shell dimensions:  3,735,742 square feet; 2,870ft long x 1,963ft … [Read more...]

The Future of the RPGA so far… 3.5 to 4.0 D&D

On the Yahoo Group Verbobonc Open Forum Some Official Information about Living Greyhawk. The following is from Chris Tulach and Ian Richards. A Year of Change: The RPGA in 2008 As most of you … [Read more...]

D&D 4.0

Looks like new books are coming out May 2008. My maps and towns will not change but I guess I'll have to make a new book reference list. Wizards made the announcement at Gencon on Thursday night. … [Read more...]