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Gigantic Worms of the Valley of the Gods

Here is one of the obsticles of Jerren: great purple worms. The image is from a horsehair worm found swimming in my backyard pond it was about 5cm long by 1mm wide. It kinda made me think twice … [Read more...]

Jelling Encounter Tables Started

I added a new page which will become a list of encounter tables for my world. The page is called Encounters in Alidor. The first list is for cities and towns in Jelling. I am using primarily the … [Read more...]

Dino City

Jeff over at Jeff's Gamblog sent me this image. It sure looks like an ankylosaurus with a city on it's back. It could also be half a dozen or so other quadrapeds from the age of the dinosuars. If … [Read more...]

Main Trails of Jerren

Here is the map of Jerren showing the main trails that lead from Slepner Bridge in the east to the City of Alidor in the Valley of the Gods. A little about Jerren: Area of the entire continent: … [Read more...]

Location of Jerren in Alidor

The red square indicates the continent of Jerren. … [Read more...]

Cinque Terre Italy

Some players have asked “how you could build houses on a gigantic tortoise shell?” Well I just point out men have been building places to live on steep cliffs and hills for centuries; I give the … [Read more...]