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Running Dragondown Grotto on WWD&DGD

I am running the adapted for RPGA play module Dragondown Grotto on Worldwide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day 2007 (WWD&DGD) this Saturday in Bloomington, IL, with an encore on Sunday at my … [Read more...]

Underground Battle Book References

Jeff over at Jeff's Gameblog posted a great book for background research for underground battles for Dungeons & Dragons Game play. Below is a list of books that came up in the discussion. The … [Read more...]

Elevation Added to Tortoise City Maps

The large cities are about 3000 feet high. Shells edge is at about 1000 feet above ground, elevation lines from there go up 300 feet at a time. The medium cities are about 1500 feet high. Shells … [Read more...]

Template Maps for Tortoise Cities

Here is the template for all small tortoise cities like Darra and Morgan. Here is the template for all medium tortoise cities like Argotan and Ingersol. Here is the template for all … [Read more...]