Archives for November 2007

Earlier Map of Alidor

Around 2003 I decided to move from hand drawn maps to more realistic maps of Alidor for my home game. Here is the comp (above) of the first draft. Initially, in the game I really only added territory … [Read more...]

Thorp of Lagdil

A small tortoise that wanders the old Brunary lands called Lagdil, is home to a small group of warriors. The people of Lagdil keep to themselves but it is said they can call horses out of thin air. … [Read more...]

Random Street level Encounters for City of Alidor

I added links for the City of Alidor. Again in most cases players will not trigger random encounters in the city unless they wander into the more seedy parts where even the city guard will not go … [Read more...]

Updates to Random Encounter Tables

I added encounters for really lost players and I am starting a new encounter format so a D20 is used instead of D100. I will revise the older tables through the rest of the month. The encounter tables … [Read more...]