Archives for January 2008

Cover Art Out for Two of the Three 4th Edition Mods

I have been checking back at to see if cover art has been picked for the new 4th editions mods and this is what I found... 4th edition modules: Keep on the Shadowfell: Adventure H1 will … [Read more...]

Laws of Melbrindar Keep

Melbrindar Keep is the last “civilized” outpost on the pilgrim trail before heading out across the Valley of the Gods. It is actually a military compound with some of the strictest laws in all of … [Read more...]

Laws for City of Alidor

I added laws for the City of Alidor. These laws cover crimes above ground and in the sewers. Alidor's under city is a vast lawless dungeon which will be covered at a later date. Table 1: Legal … [Read more...]