Archives for February 2008

Pre-ordered the Core 4.0 Books Yesterday

I broke down and did it; I ordered the Core 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons Books and the first three Mods. I plan to start converting the world towards 4th edition next fall. I am also considering a … [Read more...]

A Song about the Moon Claret

I found a poem on the Internet via Google; I searched for "red god" since Claret is red and this page showed up. The referring page was Grover Furr's Home Page. What I like to do in my home game is … [Read more...]

Moons of Alidor

Alidor has three moons. Findal is the smallest; a stationary white dot on the horizon from Jelling or a bright white orb that hovers directly over the city of Alidor. Next is Claret the middle … [Read more...]

Laws of Kirkland

The kirks are aggressive and lawful people. They believe in working hard and that criminals can be rehabilitated and if they can’t they can be used for entertainment. If you are convicted of a crime … [Read more...]

Cover Art for All Three 4th Edition Mods

I have been checking back at to see if cover art has been picked for the new 4th editions mods and this is what I found... I got hacked so I removed the links. Grumble … [Read more...]

Just Completed Winter War 35 in Champagn-Urbana, Illinois

I have been busy prepping for winter war 35 here in my home town. We ran a lot of Living Greyhawk over the weekend, the prep time for the con took me away from my updates to the World of Alidor, but I … [Read more...]