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What Kind of D&D Character is My Brother in Law?

My brother in law has been playing my game for close to 15years. He took the quiz and is a 6th level ranger. This is what he had to say "So, even though I'm studying Ethnobotany, knap arrow heads … [Read more...]

Pathfinder by Paizo to become D&D 3.75

I checked around after a discusion at my home game about the Pathfinder Role Playing Game. It looks like Paizo is positioning itself with an offer to folks who do not want to give up all their 3.5 … [Read more...]

Random Dining Menus for Inns in Alidor

Random Menu for meat eaters and vegitarians in Alidor. This is from the Abulafia website which is a collection of user-contributed random generators in Wiki format. Thanks Abulafia guy. … [Read more...]

A Very Cool Random Anything Website

Cruising around the web I found this place Abulafia this web site has it all. If you are a game master in search of the name a group of bandits the players just asked about, then this is the place for … [Read more...]

Two More Mods to Make Oblivion Work Better with my List

OK, two more modes to make Oblivion a better "sandbox" game according to my friends who play it. The Oblivion Mod manager allows you to load mods in a specific order to keep the game stable. Oblivion … [Read more...]

Oblivion Mod List

The list below contains links to Oblivion Mods that can make the game even more fun. This list contains was recommended to me by players of the game. I was told to patch with the official patch then … [Read more...]