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A Little About Halflings

Halflings are almost as abundant in Alidor as humans. They follow trades similar to their "larger cousins" in every respect, except, with half the effort, and half the determination. Halflings are not … [Read more...]

A Little About Dwarves

Dwarf Dwarves are borne of the earth, deep underground. They have tunnel vision, and can see normal out to 60 feet under ground with, or without, the need of a lamp or torch. Dwarves start with … [Read more...]

A Little About Elves

Elves Elves live in the great woods and valleys of the world being born out of nature itself, they have night vision, and are able to see as well at night, in the open sky, as they can see in normal … [Read more...]

A Little About Humans

Humans of Alidor are a grim folk known best for their ability to focus on a goal and stick to it until either two things happen, it is achieved or they are struck down in the process. Ingenuity and … [Read more...]

The City of Alidor

Ruled by the Dragon Magnussian Grey Scales Alidor consists of 8 districts ruled over by Magnussian Grey Scales. A dragon so old she no longer has any color left in her scales. The Dragon maintains … [Read more...]

The Dragonborn

In Alidor the Brunari people were lead by a family of gold dragons. The dragons gave the brunari protection from the harsh environment, in turn; the brunari gave their fealty to the dragons. Over a … [Read more...]