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City of Jarlkirk

Home to templars and members of the League of Highhook, three northern kings and their followers set on making a nation in the north of humans. Ruled by King Harold Siggarson "Old Smoke Head". Home … [Read more...]

Tortoise city of Ingersol

    Many millennia ago Ingersol slid down into a great valley between two mountains (MT. Laudin & MT. Jerdin) and was unable to get out. The city wanders the valley now known as the Vale of … [Read more...]

City of Horsens

"City of the West", The first and only settlement of men on the western reach of the Talou Empire. Home to many half-elves. The walls of the city are built right up to the great stone tree wall of the … [Read more...]

City of Holmgaard

There is only one route down from the Poisonmont Highland, The Road of Blood which starts at the west gate of Stavenger and ends a hundred miles away at the heavily fortified east gate of … [Read more...]

City of Grimstown

Located on the most Eastern reach of the Poisonmont Highland. Disease and criminality run rampant among the godless inhabitants of the city. Ronley's Tavern and Inn has marginal lodging. Ronley does … [Read more...]

City of Glenfiddich

  The lands around and below the city have hosted many battles between the Kirks and the Dufts. Stats: Town Size Large City Population 16,609 Gold piece limit 40,000 Ready … [Read more...]