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Painting of Vega

Here is the only known image of Delarendel's daughter, Vega. It was found in ruins north east of Yatton on the island of Jelling by adventurers, who sold it to dwarf merchant named Dougver Toudern, … [Read more...]

More Race Comps

Female Human Male Human Male Dwarf   … [Read more...]

Tortoise Image Made with Z-brush Software

 I was looking for some quick images for my website when I came across this one. I plan to build my tortoise cities using Z-brush and Poser and it looks like someone out there made a cool small … [Read more...]

More info on RPGA Living Forgotten Realms

More info is out on the RPGA portion of Dungeons & Dragons like regions. I live in Illinois so I am in the North Central US making me part of Water Deep. After the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide … [Read more...]

4th edition fixes released…

WOTC released a series of “errata” for 4th edition: The big one being Blade Cascade was fixed: Blade Cascade [Revision] Player’s Handbook, … [Read more...]

Added Some New Art

I added some new graphic comps, I have not had time to draw my own, but will replace these with shent originals soon. Scute Eladrin Caimen Eladrin Daughter of Delarendel (caimen eladrin … [Read more...]