Archives for August 2008

A Tortoise on the Planes of Jerren

Here is a image I did today. I am working on images to show my players the size of the tortoises in my home game. People in the foreground standing near some ruins and the three moons Findal … [Read more...]

Detail of Alidor Tortoise Eye

I am prepping for my 3-D version of the Alidor tortoise city. Here is the reference image to be used with the eyes for the 3-d model. … [Read more...]

Sketches of Ingersol

Working on detail for the Vale of Ingersol, I decided to make some more drawings   I am editing these into a 3D model. … [Read more...]

3 Moons of Alidor

I decided to recreate my moons today. I'll touch these up and repost the final image later. … [Read more...]

Some cool stuff about 4th edition coming out.

I have been reading the core books and telling players that don't like the character sheet format, because half the stuff you need for combat is on the back of the character sheet, to make index cards … [Read more...]