Archives for September 2008

Working on Town Maps

I am adding more maps. These two are for games played in Jelling. The Town of Yatton is the hub to all trade in central Jelling. I forgot to add Harold's Road to the Yatton town map. … [Read more...]

Monsters I did not get to fight

Now that I have moved fully over to Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, I realized there were many monsters I never got to fight from the 6 monster books I bought for the 3.X version of the game. I … [Read more...]

My Webhost is Having Database Server Issues

My webhost has been having server problems since the beginning of the month. It is really making it hard to blog. If anyone out there knows of a good pay-fer Wordpress supported webhost company that … [Read more...]

Played Second LFR Game Tonight and Had Fun

A different DM and a different module made a big difference in LFR game quality. The bad part is the DM lives 1.5hrs away. We usually only see her once every couple of months or at the local mini … [Read more...]

Found a Decent 4th Edition Character Generator

We needed to build a character for my wife for a FlatCon LFR slot zero and we were crunched for time. I googled and found this page, which helped us out enough to get the basics out of the way. It is … [Read more...]

4.0 DM Screen Not So Bad

I picked up the 4th edition Dungeon Masters Screen from the local bookstore. It is not so bad. The coolest thing about the screen is that they reference pages in the book, so for instance, Bull Rush … [Read more...]