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Candy Monsters for Halloween Games

This Tuesday I ran the second part of the RPGA adapted module The Sinister Spire (D&D 3.5). As I stated before I usually use Starburst candies for monsters in the RPGA games. For games around … [Read more...]

Heraldry for Ingersol and Morgan

Just a quick update, here are the symbols worn by warriors of Ingersol and the dwarves of Morgan. Ingersol Morgan … [Read more...]

My Webhost Puked Again

I was down pretty hard today, usually only the SQL side of my website pukes and dyes, but today I lost everything Apache, SQL and Mail. 4hrs... Grr... Still looking to find a new home for Alidor. … [Read more...]

Built a Banner for My Website

I saw all the banners on RPGbloggers so I decided to sit down and make one. Here my top two:  or The symbol on the left is part of my push to develop heraldry for cities and places in my world. … [Read more...]

Tortoise City Knight

Here is a graphic of a typical knight or heavy infantry from a tortoise city. … [Read more...]

Last Night’s 3.5 RPGA The Sinister Spire Session Went Well

Last night’s 3.5 RPGA The Sinister Spire session went well, I got the group one quarter of the way through the mod. All at the table had plenty of fun though things almost went terribly wrong when the … [Read more...]