Archives for November 2008

Was Having a Hard Time Building Encounters…

I am prepping for a Thanksgiving family 4e D&D game. My last 4th edition game for this same group was Keep on the Shadowfell, but half the players lost interest in the game by the third … [Read more...]

Played LG Mod Pyre of the Righteous Last Night

In an effort to help RPGA players complete story lines for their characters, I hosted and played in a "Bright Sands" mod called Pyre of the Righteous last night. Bright Sands RPGA stuff is just weird. … [Read more...]

Played too Much D&D this Weekend

Wow busy weekend! Saturday I played the Core Final RPGA module for Living Greyhawk with everyone else in Central Illinois who missed it this summer, like five people...  Anyway, I am glad it is over. … [Read more...]

I am on a new web host!

My old host lost two months of my posts back to 9/22/2008. Luckily I had back-ups. I am on Bluehost now. Note if your host is miserable don't blog about it, because they don't seem to want to help you … [Read more...]

All Done with Sinister Spire

Tonight we completed the adapted RPGA version of Sinister Spire. Half the party made it out, the other half went home to review gaze attack rules for 3.5. Actually it was not that bad. The snake … [Read more...]

Caves on Yates Hill

The caves on Yates Hill were once controlled by the Mokosha dwarf clan of Jelling. The proximity of the caves to the burnt out, and abandoned Yates Manor made it increasingly difficult for the clan to … [Read more...]