Archives for December 2008

Farewell Living Greyhawk or is It?

Well today is the last day of the RPGA Living Greyhawk Campaign, or is it? Around here a bunch of RPGA people are continuing the saga on their own. I have volunteered to run one game a month until we … [Read more...]

Hurry up Method to Skip Ahead in a Module

Ok you are running a module, textbook style, one encounter after another, page after page, and the session is getting long, or maybe the players are losing interest, whatever the case,  the party is … [Read more...]

Off into the Green Forest

Over Thanksgiving, the party cleared the caves on Yates Hill, and now, for the Winter Holidays, they decided on exploring the Green Forest just North of  Yates Hill. More adventures lay ahead for my … [Read more...]

Are Tieflings Just Too Evil Looking in 4e?

In Alidor, tieflings have always been a PC option ever since the original Plainscape setting came out. Yeah they had a dark past evident by some physical clue, be it the smell of brimstone, or a small … [Read more...]

Starting to Build Tort City Graphics

Here is my first doodle with ZBrush. I plan to build a Large, Medium and Small Tortoise city graphics for Alidor. This is the rough draft so far. … [Read more...]

Alidor World Map with Latitude and Longitude

Here is the Map of Alidor with latitude and longitude lines added for mapping reference. I listed the months of Alidor along with solstice and equinox dates. The months are named after the gods of … [Read more...]