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Don’t Play Every Monster the Same Way

Game masters tend to be master tacticians skilled at precise maneuvering of their monsters, and then timing every attack, and every spell, so precisely as to exploit every weakness in the players … [Read more...]

Running 3 LFR mods at Winter War 36

I was sent the three mods I will be running at Winter War 36 this year. I will run one game each day. On Friday, I will kick things off running The Thin Gray Line by by Joe Fitzgerald. On Saturday … [Read more...]

What I am looking for in a RPG

I want to start in town, and ask NPCs where the monster or dungeon is. I want to be able to gear up for fighting or exploring; I will need weapons and armor, and maybe learn a spell or two. I want to … [Read more...]

Starting Work on the Settlement of Glenfiddich

I mentioned in the past that the lands around Glenfiddich have hosted many battles between the Kirks and the Duffs, but I have never mentioned anything about the city itself, or whether it has been … [Read more...]

Centaurs of Jelling Part-4 The Surmarkan Chiral

Surmarkan Chiral Level 26 (Solo Controller) Ally of Surma Known as the "Caller of the Dragon" the  Surmarkan Chiral is the Queen of the Centaurs of Jelling. As Queen, the surmarkan chiral is kept … [Read more...]

Centaurs of Jelling Part-3 The Surmarkan Yirret

Surmarkan Yirret, Level 23 (Elite Controller) Ally of Surma Surmarkan Yirrets are the elite arial warriors of Surma's army of centaurs; there is exactly one surmarkan yirret for every settlement … [Read more...]