Archives for February 2009

Running Part Three of a Module Trilogy

My Tuesday Illinois Living Greyhawk group asked me to run the third part of an adapted module trilogy tomorrow. I agreed, and will spend the next month or so running it every other Tuesday until it is … [Read more...]

Map of Brendon Mill

Here is a quick map of Brendon Mill. I built it from a google maps image of a town in Europe using the satellite image option. I captured the image and imported to Photoshop, then created a layer over … [Read more...]

Adding Back Parts of My Older Version of Alidor

Some of my old players wanted me to post back up my 3.X portions of the World of Alidor, so I created a new area on my website for it and will be updating it with portions of my older website stuff. … [Read more...]

Adventuring Companies Who Needs Them?

Adventuring companies in rpgs, who needs them, I mean why have them in the first place? All those years of playing AD&D and 3.X, I remember only one group that actually came up with an adventuring … [Read more...]

Still Working on the City of Glenfiddich

I am doing some more sketches and will add them soon. Basically the city floats over a bog that was once a lake. The lake formed from the ever present water mists coming from the water that falls … [Read more...]

Inspiring and Pacing Combat

As a storyteller, over the years, I developed a keen eye that picked up on when a party has seen enough combat, and wanted it to end, or when the party wanted it to start. It is like a third eye or … [Read more...]