Archives for March 2009

Gamers and Experience Points

Last night I continued on with the Fortress of the Yuan-ti  as an adapted module for 3.5 Living Greyhawk. The party had completed the majority of the module and was back in town to get a player … [Read more...]

World Wide DnD turned into a Battlestar Galactica Marathon

OK I drove 4hrs to play 4e today and ended up watching the final season of Battlestar Galactica on Tivo. Overall, a great way to spend the day. We complete the series tonight with the final episode … [Read more...]

Baleful Polymorph is Harsh

I am running the Fortress of the Yuan-ti, and the party went head to head with a half-fiend yuan-ti abomination. The party are pros and know the game, but they are strongly influenced by the pace of … [Read more...]

What Does 25 Years of Game Books Smell Like

Well, pretty bad according to my wife. I have all my books in the closet upstairs in our spare room. The wife says the room reeks! She thinks something has died in the closet. Reeks! Ha! That smell … [Read more...]

Another World Wide DnD Day Oh Joy

Last night while I was joyfully baleful polymorphing players into snakes as they explored the depths of Yaun-ti hell, conversation rolled around to the World Wide D&D Game Day on the 21st of … [Read more...]

Mostly Done with My Glenfiddich Floating City Map

Well I completed all the rough drawing for my floating city of Glenfiddich. It took some time to draw. Basically the large rock has the main city with many canals and bridges. Most of the structures … [Read more...]