Archives for April 2009

Making Your Own RPG Adventure

I was thinking what makes a good adventure good; I mean memorable good? I know one of the coolest parts about RPGs is combat. But there is more to a RPG; there has to be, otherwise it is a war game. I … [Read more...]

Spring Offensive in Peoria IL this Weekend

Hey the weather is amazing this weekend in Illinois, which means, it is the perfect time to find shelter from spring cleaning and yard work at a local small con called Spring Offensive. This year is … [Read more...]

Merchants of Alidor

This is the ring that the merchants of the City of Alidor wear. It is a simple metal ring engraved with the images of the eight statues that hold the great city aloft. Only members of the Alidor … [Read more...]

Sometimes a Nonstandard Mini Will Do

Last night's 3.5 LG dungeon went well, and stayed pretty serious until we entered the room of the cube. The DM said he needed a huge 3x3 mini. Since the game is run at my house, all the players looked … [Read more...]

Fun Way to Freak Out a 3.5 Cleric

Yesterday I played another 3.5 dungeon and as we rounded a corner we saw a skeleton floating down the hall towards us. The DM said roll initiative. Our priest of Pelor went first and stood forward … [Read more...]

Night at the Aquarium for Dragon Con Goers

DragonCon is my favorite con, because I am more a Sci-Fi fantasy nerd than true gamer and DragonCon offers a huge array of activities outside rpgs for people like me for example, on Saturday September … [Read more...]