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I-con Central Illinois October 9th – 11th 2009

Another Convention I may go to this year is in Springfield Illinois at the Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, IL. It is another small convention but it is offering many events like: RPGs, … [Read more...]

What’s a Dungeon without Random Traps

My dungeon is done, the plot is filled, I have everything I need to make a 2e or 3e dungeon work without having to buy a module or search the Internet. Unfortunately, when I try to apply the same … [Read more...]

The Dilemma of a Skill Challenge

I made a quick dungeon from scratch with the hook something is taking some poor farmer's chickens. The dungeon follows simple underlying pattern to role playing games research, explore, return. The … [Read more...]

Abandoned Mines and the Farmer’s Chickens

Continuing on with the story of farmer Jones and his trouble with his chickens. On review, we told the PCs that farmer Jones is having trouble with his chickens, they go off to investigate and save … [Read more...]

Another Rough Image of Cork

Here is the latest image of Cork, the wandering tortoise city taken over by crazed orcs.  So far I added trees, streets and the gladiatorial coliseum. Basically I used Bryce 6.1 to get a quick … [Read more...]

Another Con I did Not Know Existed

Last night while battling through the last RPGA mod for the Castle Greyhawk Ruins arc the conversation rolled around to Die Con a small convention in Southern Illinois; Collinsville, IL actually, … [Read more...]