Archives for June 2009

That Demon is Dead Jim

With my new high level 3.5e game going well, I thought I would let you in on a fun little table I use when the players slay a Tanar'ri, or Demon, or Fiend, you know those creatures native to chaotic … [Read more...]

Finally have the Monster Manual 2

UPS guy dropped off my latest 4e purchase today the 4e Monster Manual 2. I have been real busy with plenty of other activity mainly in 3.X versions of this great game. Matter of fact, I grumbled about … [Read more...]

Tuesday’s High Level Game Went Well

My high level run on Tuesday night went quite well. I had 5 players with an average party level of 17 and I wanted a fun and challenging encounter, so I could see how well the group syncs during … [Read more...]

Running Part 1 of Tomb of Horrors Tonight

Well tonight I get to try running a high level game for a group of players I have never been able lure into my home game. They are strict RPGA players, and rarely play any other version of the game … [Read more...]

Dragonborn Fighter

Here is the last sketch of my first 4e group of players. This is the dragonborn fighter Keiman the Axe run by my 5 year old son Owen. Now 4e is definitely not a kids game but owen still had fun, … [Read more...]

Dead in Keoland

Last night we started a new game still using Living Greyhawk 3.5 rules and a series of Keoland regional modules. The DM who volunteered to run us through, Actually he TPK'd us last night, so in a way, … [Read more...]