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What is up with Elephants in 4e

I was playing 4e last week with the local RPGA group and a player pointed out the carrying capacity of an elephant according to the adventurer's vault page 11, was 312lbs for normal, 625lbs for heavy … [Read more...]

The Ultimate GM Screen II

I wandered over to Jeff's Gamblog as I do on most Sundays. I read a couple posts and then noticed an active link to a local game store. That store website had been down for a bit, so it had fallen out … [Read more...]

4e Extreme Basic Play Revisited

On the weekend of the 4th of July. I test played a very fast way to introduce players to the game. I had players pick characters out of the 4e Monster Manual and play them as written. Everyone had … [Read more...]

Welcome to Your First Round of Combat in 4e You are Dazed

I was able to play 4e RPGA this last Friday and we had a new player to the 4e game show up. The guy had never played 4e before, but he had all the stuff. He was a subscriber to DDI, so he had a Bard … [Read more...]

It is Tough Deal

I play in the RPGA mainly and if you miss some games it is tough deal to get back in, because the players don't want to play low level stuff. I suppose that is what conventions are for. Around here, … [Read more...]

4e Extreme Basic or 4e Very Fast Play

4e is fun to play, but it seems that you need a computer to set up your character well. I am totally fine with this, but say you are camping and you have a bunch of new players that you want to … [Read more...]