Archives for August 2009

Slow Week for Game Releases

I had an new product email role in listing just three new rpg game product releases this week. Funny thing, one was called Chainmail... I know Chainmail came out in 70s by Gary Gygax and Jeff Perren, … [Read more...]

Not Making Much Progress Playing 4e

I am not making much progress playing 4e so I decided to DM more. It appears the only way I can play the game locally is to be the DM. I volunteered to run a low level game with the local group, but … [Read more...]

Just Completed Updates to My Theme

I found a real cool theme: Indy Premium 1.0 by Techblissonline Dot Com Indy Premium is a professional and clean looking mag theme. Developed by Techblissonline.Com WP labs. But it broke when all … [Read more...]

Pathfinder Book Hard to Find

In my local gaming group, the big news after Gencon was the big release of Pathfinder. Talk about the game around the table overshadowed WotC Darksun announcement at our post con pow wow. I mean one … [Read more...]

Typical Brunari Burial Vault

In Alidor different cultures deal with the dead in different ways. In Jelling the dead are burned in funeral pyres this came out of necessity to protect the populations from disease and from a common … [Read more...]

Tips for a 3.5e Favored Soul

I am playing a favored soul, slash marshal, gestalt character in a 3.5 game and I asked the guy who almost always plays clerics what spells really work the best for a favored soul? A couple days later … [Read more...]