Archives for September 2009

The God Sarel

Sarel God of Winter, Travel, Honor and Strength. Sarel is the light in the darkness of winter. The symbol of Sarel is two golden wings. all churches of Sarel, no matter the size, keep a small lit … [Read more...]

The God Findal

Findal known as the God of the Pilgrims, The Travelar, The Timekeeper and also known as the Watcher of the Valley. Few outside the Land of Jerren actively follow Findal. He is most popular in the City … [Read more...]

Phases of the Moons of Alidor

Here is a graphic of the phases of the moons of the of Alidor. The world has three moons though only two actually have a rotational orbit around the planet. Moda the largest moon has a 28 day orbit … [Read more...]

Pathfinder Barbarian Oh Yeah

The wife let me get the new Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook today. OK, actually, I did not tell her I had already purchased it. I ended up being too giddy about the new book, and I could no … [Read more...]

Weapons of the Gods

In the past, in my home game, players could choose gods from any book they own. I have always done this. Recently, I have been updating the gods of Alidor, and some of my players asked about the … [Read more...]

The Goddess Taandi

Taandi Goddess of Weather, Sky, Seasons & Birds. Sometimes called the Storm Goddess. She appears most often as a Taandi bird, which is a migratory crane found throughout Alidor, and sometimes as a … [Read more...]