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I Goofed Today Pathfinder Skeletons are Not So Tough

Well I got ahead I myself and blogged that skeletons in Pathfinder were tougher than normal 3.5e skeletons. Well, um, errr, I sometimes get my editions messed up. I have been playing this game too … [Read more...]

Skeletons are Tough Again in Pathfinder

One of my old players emailed me yesterday that he and his group officially dropped 4e in favor of Pathfinder last week. He knows that I am losing interest in 4e and don't have any Pathfinder books … [Read more...]

The Dragon Surma as a God

Surma is the first dragon of Alidor, known to few as the mount of Alidor. It was the first dragon to antagonize players in my game. Over the years, many have lead campaigns to kill the great beast, … [Read more...]

The Gods of Alidor

I am working on gods for my own world. I have Bilunoc god of two moons created by one of my players. I have Surma the dragon of Jelling. I also have gods for each of the three moons Moda Claret and … [Read more...]

Tapped to Run 4e at Flatcon 2009

I was tapped to run three 4e RPGA games at Flatcon in Bloomington Illinois this year. I really like Flatcon, because it is a small convention. There is a little bit of everything going on at the con. … [Read more...]

ToH got 1.2 million Gold Pieces in Gear Tonight

My high level post 3.5 Living Greyhawk RPGA game finished a little early. The party is naked and camping outside the Tomb of Horrors. They are plotting their second attempt at the tomb, after being … [Read more...]