Archives for October 2009

A Halloween Tribute to the Tomb of Horrors

That's right it is Halloween. Today I run my intrepid group of 18th level players back into the Tomb of Horrors. When we last left them they were all ejected naked and unarmed nearly a month ago. … [Read more...]

Inspired to take on Undermountain…

So I am currently running a Pathfinder game. We just finished the first 'official' Pathfinder module 'Crypt of the Everflame' and now the sequel set to release this month won't be out until December. … [Read more...]

Tonight is my last 4e game

I think it is over. I just don't feel the love for the latest version of Dungeons and Dragons in its current incarnation. Don't say I did't try to like the game. I ran it as a home game for almost a … [Read more...]

Bad Omen — The DM asks for a list of your gear

You know something bad is going to happen when the DM asks for a list of the gear that your player character has. Rarely does anything good come out of such a request and this last Tuesday we found … [Read more...]

Gargoyles and Spiders Pathfinder Bestiary is all that and more

I tried and I tried, but I was unable to get a hard cover copy of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary. Yeah I suppose I could have ordered it in advance but I was not in Pathfinder mode until … [Read more...]

The Guild Web Series

The Guild, a web series about online gamers. My officemate just keyed me into this web show. It has a neat online gamer community theme. The show appears very professional and written and edited very … [Read more...]