Tomb of Horrors continues on Halloween

I have been running the setup and run into the Tomb of Horrors all summer, and a few weeks back we stopped after the party had lost all their gear and was ejected from the tomb. Well, last night the players decided to play on Halloween weekend and to adventure forward back into the ToH basically with some mundane gear and their raw skills and feats and spells to help them. I think it should be an awesome weekend.

green devil from Tomb of Horrors module

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  1. greentiger says:

    Out of curiosity, did you adapt the original 2nd edition module to 3.5 or are you using the republished version written for the 3.5 rules?

  2. Short answer — Yes 3.5 rules RPGA stuff.

    It is an adapted Living Greyhawk Module that was part of the Horrors Never Die Story Arc 2006-2007 (four modules). Right now I am on the tomb part (part 3). It is actually titled DMC1-3 Return to the Tomb and was adapted by Steven Conforti, who did a great job BTW. It is for 16th-20th level 3.5 characters. I have a group of players that had retired PCs from the Living Greyhawk Campaign at 16th level they retire in the old 3.5 rules set. These guys are very serious fans of the LG setting, so much so that they somehow collected nearly all the modules the campaign published before WotC canceled it. We play these games on Tuesdays at my place. We rotate DMs. I was tapped to run the high level games for the group, because they know I prefer to run my own games and in this story arc, I am allowed to make up my own dungeons as long as I hit the key story points along the way. DMC1-3 Return to the Tomb, is the the ToH with modifications for high level PCs. Apparently Conforti’s modifications work as the party (APL19) is in quite a predicament at the moment. I personally own the original ToH and the Return to the Tomb of Horrors. I may adapt Conforti’s version for a Pathfinder home game some day.

    Bruce R. Cordell did a lower level remake that was a free download from WotC called TOMB OF HORRORS An Adventure for Four to Six 9th-Level Characters in 2005. I have that version also. Of coarse it is all based off of Gary Gygax’s original.

  3. greentiger says:

    Thanks for the info! Basically, I’m looking to run a classic ‘good’ D&D adventure (preferably one from the best 30 of all time list) and attempt to adapt it to the Pathfinder rules. Obviously, there will need to be some changes with respect to the setting and stuff but I think that will be the trivial part. If it is already adapted to 3.5, it will make it easier.

    I did notice the 2005 remake of ToH by WoTC but I think I would be flayed alive if I tried running it. Despite it being for 9th level characters.