Archives for December 2009

End of the Year Thank You from Paizo

I just received an end of the year email thank you from Paizo for buying some products from them. Very cool. I will use the coupon. I did find it funny while reading the fine print at the bottom of … [Read more...]

Vesna Gable the Witch of Kingleaf

Vesna is a local of Kingleaf. She was found unconscious in a cranberry bog northeast of town. The Gables, cranberry farmers who managed the bog where she was found, took her in as a third addition to … [Read more...]

Played Pathfinder last night and had a blast

I finally played Pathfinder RPG last night at the local game store. I think the best part about the game was that it was a standard home game where the players actually interacted with the environment … [Read more...]

Finally get to play Pathfinder on Thursday

Well, I finally got into a Pathfinder game as a player. Tough thing to do around here, but not impossible. I will start at 2nd level so I thought I would try either a fighter/thief or thief/wizard … [Read more...]

Completed the Tomb of Horrors

Tonight we completed the Tomb of Horrors module adapted by Stephen Conforti titled Horrors Never Die: Return to the Tomb. I ran it for five players and two cohorts at an average party level of 18. In … [Read more...]

4e Holiday Crack That Saves You Money

The holidays are here and maybe you want to try the latest version of Dungeons and Dragons, but the books too expensive. Do not let the price of this popular fantasy role-playing game get you down. … [Read more...]