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Winter War and Alidor

Hi all, I am running three games this weekend at Winter War. I will be bringing the pre-generated characters that the PF Society use. I will allow players to update these before the games start. They … [Read more...]

A Giants Den

Now for my giants den. This a image I built from stock photos in Photoshop. It is for another quick Pathfinder RPG adventure I am creating for Winter War. I needed a den out in the swamp, by the town … [Read more...]

Cool Haunted House

I am writing and running a dungeon for a local con this weekend. It will be run in the Saturday evening time slot, so I thought it should be a haunted house style game. Fortunately, a couple years … [Read more...]

Having Fun Setting up for Next Weekend

Why am I having fun preparing for Winter War? I have two books, yup two books, not twenty, to use for building my dungeon and filling it with monsters. The best part is, I purchased the Pathfinder … [Read more...]

A Map from the Past

I was digging through my old game notes and I found one of my early campaign maps. This is from 1999-2000, it shows my Forgotten Realms and Warcraft 2 influences in my earlier games. Lake Surma is … [Read more...]

A cool Unicorn Pic

Unicorn Knights of Jelling use this symbol. Watch out for these guys. … [Read more...]