Village of Kingleaf

Officially founded in JY 905, Kingleaf was an old Brunari fort on the northern edge of the Green Forest. The name of the original fort is now forgotten and the forest has receded miles to the south. People say the dragon, Surma, just looked at the forest and it started backing away from the lake.

Many of the original barracks in town were built to house the craftsmen, sailers and soldiers of Jelling as they set out to create the largest naval force in history, for one purpose only, to take the battle for all of Jelling straight the source, the dragon of the lake. It took ten years to build the canal and all the ships needed for the invasion of the dragon’s island; Kingleaf was hub for all this activity. Many of the great four story barracks still stand in town; all built to withstand the fiery breath of Surma. The attack on the dragon Surma in JY 915 failed miserably. The village was not officially resettled again until JY 1300 as the population of all of Jelling exploded. The people who lived in and near Kingleaf between the years 915 and 1300 were frontiersmen, hunters, trappers and fishermen, rumors say that many of these settlers were wild men who venerated the moon. Most of that craziness drifted away as civil folk from Portheadland and Yatton moved in. Farming became a popular way of life and cranberries became the most lucrative crop.

Today JY1660, most of the old barracks have been converted to house shops on the first flour, residences for the shop keepers on the second and rental properties and storage on the third and fourth floors. The two inns in town, The Cat & King, and The Blue Bell, both have stables on the first floor and dining on the second. Private rooms are on the third and open bay beds are on the fourth. People are allowed to tent camp by the Church of Jelling on the west side of town.

Village of Kingleaf
Population 512
GP Limit 162
Wealth 8,343
Authority Class Warrior Level 7
Authority Title Sheriff
Full Time Guards 5
Conscriptable 25

Leader magical sorcerer Alignment: lawful good

Goods & Services in town
Baker: The Betting Priest also local healer
Brewer: The Tapper‘s Mash
Butcher: Blood and Blood
Grocer: The Sweating Apple
Hostel: Snooze and Bunk
Inn: The Cat and the King and The Blue Bell
Provisioner: The Betting Leprechaun
Tavern: The Boiled Toe
Blacksmith: The Eagle’s Blacksmith
Cobbler: The Boiled Toe
Coopers: 2 available
Bottle and Barrel
The Brownie‘s Pitcher
Leatherworker: The Royal Tapper
Mason: The Dirty Minatour
Miller: 2 available
The Paladin‘s Pestle
The Grind and Grind
Potter: The Kiln
Tanner: The Silent Messenger
Weaver: The Begger‘s Weft
Woodworkers: 2 available
The Suggestive Oak
Leaf and Stairs
Apothecary: The Toad‘s Senser
Armorer: The Chimera‘s Scales
Bookbinder: The Lost Manuscript
Bowyer: 2 available
•The Second Pull
•The Hag‘s Quiver
Dyer: The Strange Wash
Locksmith: The Bolt
Specialty Smith: The Vampire‘s Caldron
Weaponsmith: The Doppleganger‘s Bellows
Boat for Hire: 4 available
•The Clean Galley
•The Broken Bait
•The Bugbear‘s Keelboat
•The Bashing Ogre
•The Boat
Carter: The Singing Tarrasque
Cartwright: The Baneful Rail
Porter: Sled and Wagon
Shipwright: The Plumed Jib
Stable: The Fifth Griffon
Barber: The Handsome Goblin
Barrister: The Vengeful Sorcerer
Dragoman: The Gorged Tracks
Engineer: The Suspicious Spring
Fence: The Passionate Ale “Steve”
Laborer: The Diggers

Kingleaf is a village in the island nation of Jelling.

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