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The ghoul screams at the dead Palidin, “I told you, we need more cowbell!”

So I finally played Pathfinder for the first time ever as a PC. I have GM'd a game for a few months and in that time I outlined one of the incredible abilities of the Palidin class: So in my … [Read more...]

Making Reincarnate Fun in Pathfinder

The cool thing about Pathfinder is that is very easy to integrate older game material into your game. I am playing in a PF game and we are having a discussion with the GM about the reincarnate spell. … [Read more...]

Made it to 3rd level in Pathfinder RPG

I made it to 3rd level in Pathfinder RPG and I am still having fun. In 4e, it was about here where I found the system to break and become dull, so far, PF is holding my interest. I think it is the … [Read more...]

One Ton Orc – Player Created Content

The best part about RPGs is when the players in your game start to get involved and add content. My home game world is really a mishmash of stuff I dreamed up and whatever my players threw into the … [Read more...]

Pathfinder Character Generator – Hero Lab

Today I downloaded Hero Lab and plan to use it for Pathfinder to help me generate my characters and NPCs. My brother-in-law was in town and convinced me to try it and the program is pretty well made. … [Read more...]

Game Brain at Capacity Something Has Got to Go

My game portion of my brain is at capacity, something has to go. I decided it is 4e. If I drop it entirely I may have enough gray matter left to focus on the two game systems left, 3.5e and … [Read more...]