Archives for March 2010

Just completed the deadliest mod series ever

Keoland, in Living Greyhawk, who would have thought, the place was home to butchers. We just played a series of modules, 18, to be exact. We started with Fast Times at Ravonnar High, we were all first … [Read more...]

Instead of a mini in your next combat try these

Miniatures have always been an integral part of gaming no matter what roleplaying game system you use. As a GM, people seem to expect you to have a mini to represent every monster or NPC in the … [Read more...]

Good bye elf

I started playing a Pathfinder game at the local game store on Thursdays, when I started there were 8 players and the GM. I have been posting often about the game, because it has been so much fun to … [Read more...]

Hero Lab has Call of Cthulu

I started my Hero Lab program today to update my Pathfinder character for tonight's game. The program said it had updates, after a reboot the Select Game Menu had new games systems added. I presently … [Read more...]

How to train your dragon to be a lethal weapon

I have been looking at the spells in the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook, and I noticed that a couple of them really work well with my game world of Alidor. In Alidor, dragons are top dog, and tortoises … [Read more...]

I just have to survive the first round of combat

Last week, I posted that my party and I were so screwed, because we were box-texted into a nearly impossible encounter. Well we are all 13th to 14th level and there are six of us plus a cohort. The … [Read more...]