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Pathfinder in Missouri

This weekend Saturday, May 1st and Sunday, May 2nd at the Osage Community Center in Cape Girardeau, MO, Cape Comic Con is running. I checked Warhorn and they have a full slot of Pathfinder Society … [Read more...]

No Common Language

I was just thinking about home rules. Who runs a game where there is no common language? In my home game I can not imaging this. I created a whole religion based on greed in Alidor, and I figured for … [Read more...]

Not dead yet

Still playing Council of Thieves and having a blast. All I can say is that it took five years but I finally got into good game with a great GM. I am having fun with Pathfinder RPG and the players at … [Read more...]

GM Prop for Council of Thieves

Just a quick note today. Last Thursday we played through the "play portion" of The Council of Thieves. As usual the game was fun. What really made it interesting was that the GM went above and beyond … [Read more...]

Cool Reaper Mini for Council of Thieves

Every other Thursday, I am in a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game following the adventure path called the Council of Thieves. The GM for the game prints out images from the game so we can see who we are … [Read more...]

The iPad as a GM tool

This year the Easter bunny dropped off an iPad for the family. The bunny brought home the basic wireless version with 32 GB of memory. What is the iPad good for? The wife says she'll use it for … [Read more...]