GM Prop for Council of Thieves

Just a quick note today. Last Thursday we played through the “play portion” of The Council of Thieves. As usual the game was fun. What really made it interesting was that the GM went above and beyond to create a poster to help organize what we knew to date from the adventure path. I thought the poster was a pretty handy tool.

So this is the poster:

This is my breakdown:

I made a this key, ala NFL style, of what I know about the poster after taking a week off from thinking about the game. It pretty much sums up the game so far without spoiling it for others.

How did he do that? He bought poster board, paper glue and printed out images from the dungeon pdfs that you can buy directly from Paizo, he then cut and placed them on the poster board.

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  1. If I can muster the motivation I may be stealing this idea for my CoT game. I tend to find I get a lot of my players asking “who?” when meeting the NPCs for the third of forth time. Not sure if it’s just too many names to process all at once, or if I have players that just wait for combat to pay attention. Thanks for the idea though, I’ll pop by and give an update if this works for us.