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Mt Laudin Dwarves

Here are some symbols from the Dwarves of Mt. Laudin. There are basically four groups of dwarves that can be found on or around Mt. Laudin. At one time they lived happily inside their great … [Read more...]

Another Fun Home Rule for Aid Another

I play pathfinder and 3.5e, in both systems, you can end up in a combat with beast that is nearly unbeatable, maybe, because the spell casters are unconscious, or out of spells, or are just … [Read more...]

Three Best Game Stores in Central Illinois

A comment on my moving to Florida post yesterday got me thinking about the game stores I have frequented the most while living here in Central Illinois. All three offer gaming in the store which is … [Read more...]

Florida or Bust

It has been a great five years of gaming up here in Central Illinois, but as of July 1st, I am moving to Florida, Orlando to be exact. So if there are any Pathfinder RPG players in the Orlando area … [Read more...]

4e one more time

Just as a sanity check, I tried 4e one more time. My neighbor plays 4e and he said I should try it with his group, just to see how it is played as a home game. Before his invitation, all my actual … [Read more...]

The Fog of War or Dungeon

I played more Pathfinder last night and my GM did another neat trick as part of his preparation for the game. He drew out all the maps ahead of time and then he used black felt cloth cut in 10 inch … [Read more...]