Another Fun Home Rule for Aid Another

I play pathfinder and 3.5e, in both systems, you can end up in a combat with beast that is nearly unbeatable, maybe, because the spell casters are unconscious, or out of spells, or are just disorganized. Whatever the case, it will take the brute force of melee attacks to down the monster, but the beast has a high AC and the party can’t hit it reliably. What do we do in this situation? In most cases, parties start to surround the foe and start aiding someone else’s attack, to improve the probability of hitting the beast; this is called aiding another.

Here is my home rule for “aid another”. It is simple, and follows from the critical hit or threat rule found in both game systems (d20 SRD, & d20 PFSRD). It goes like this, in most cases you roll a die 20 and with a result of 10 or better, you get to aid someone, the majority of the time this is for melee attacks, but it also helps with skill checks. My modification is, if you roll a natural 20, since you can not take 20 or 10 on this check, you get to confirm it, by rolling again, with no modifications added to the die, and if the second roll is a 10 or higher, your aid bonus is doubled from +2 to +4 (x2 default). I suppose exploding dice rule could be applied, if another natural 20 is rolled, but I only allow that after a table vote, or if the tension is really high, and the players are dropping like flies. I don’t let monsters use this rule, just players; I could always put that option to vote at the table, letting the monsters do the same to the party, but I think of it as more of a hero thing, foiling the plans of the villain, via some phenomenal twist of fate, like the gods are watching or something.

Outside of that, the aid another rule stands as written in my home game. This home rule adds fun and helps with morale at the table. I don’t think it is abusive either, since it only aids the next attack, and their is still a chance of a miss, and for tension to build.

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