Mt Laudin Dwarves

Here are some symbols from the Dwarves of Mt. Laudin. There are basically four groups of dwarves that can be found on or around Mt. Laudin. At one time they lived happily inside their great undermountain fortress. When the king of the kirks turned on them, they were forced to flee the safety of their halls, not entirely because of the Kirk invasion. Most Laudin dwarves say, some overpowering evil followed the human king into the mountain, something intangible, and wretched, and most definitely indestructible. The best of the best dwarven defenders fell to dust before they could wink an eye.

Most exits to the mountain fortress were watched by Kirk forces and many a dwarf fell before the swords and arrows of the men of Kirkland. The only exit not watched was the East gate, dwarves who made it out this exit, gathered, got organized, and moved forward to lay siege on Duftown who essentially let the city fall to the dwarfs with little resistance.

Here are the Green Mountain Boys:

The Black Mountain Boys:

Blue Mountain Gang:

Red Peak Ruffians

My son made the symbol on our iPad using a free Adobe app. called Adobe Ideas.

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