Archives for June 2010

Dwarven Forge Does it Again

I am on the mailing list for Dwarven Forge, and this afternoon, they sent me a message about their new 3d dungeon tile set called the Ruins Set. This email caught my eye, because it matches very close … [Read more...]

Small LFR con in Orlando FL July 4th

Well things are calming down from my move. Today, I took a peek at Warhorn and saw that there is a small LFR con going on in Orlando on the 4th of July. Too bad it is LFR, otherwise, I would go. I … [Read more...]

Sometimes all you need is some dice, some legos and a colossal red dragon

Last weekend on Father's Day my son, who is six, decided it was his time to run a game. He spent an hour digging through his Legos, and my game figure box. He built a path with Heroscape hexes and … [Read more...]

Ye Old PC My Dad Played

Wow, I am still organizing and unpacking from the move to Florida. The wife asked me to try and clear out as much D&D stuff as possible, so today on Father's Day, I was drudging through the 7 boxes of … [Read more...]

Xmoniuum Lizard and Other Beasts Imagined on Road Trip

On our trip down to our new place in Florida, my son helped me create some new monsters for Alidor. Actually, I just listened to him tell me stories of his imagined monsters, while my wife jotted down … [Read more...]

Goodbye Pathfinder for Now

I just completed my last game with my local Pathfinder group. I had a blast playing a half elf rogue alchemist, literally. As an alchemist I was able to toss bombs here and there with some decent … [Read more...]