Dwarves of Castle Greyhawk Stall Game

Last night was my last 3.5e game with my group here in Urbana, IL. We explored the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk. All went quite well until we had to leave, and some players could not get past the 10 percent tax levied by the dwarves that live in the ruined towers. We found a survivor from a raid and rescued him and some of the players did not understand how the Dwarves, who tax all groups entering and leaving the dungeon, missed the hostage. How frustrating to have your last game befuddled by someone at the table, who is unable to see past the story line glitch and move on.

When I ran this dungeon, I ignored the dwarves and their tax. There is enough to keep the players busy that taxing them for finding gold and magic ends up ruining the fun. I had one group that hired and payed the dwarves to watch the group’s loot, under this type of arrangement there was never any conflict like what I saw last night; people happily payed for services rendered by the dwarves.

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  1. Yeah, we play D&D to forget about shit like taxes!!! I won a poker tourney and right after they handed me the loot I had to fill out a paper so da gov. could get it’s share.

  2. @Tom, Too funny. Just mentioning taxes, tends to really piss people off.