Goodbye Pathfinder for Now

I just completed my last game with my local Pathfinder group. I had a blast playing a half elf rogue alchemist, literally. As an alchemist I was able to toss bombs here and there with some decent effect. The Pathfinder twist on the rogue class was also fun to play. I chose minor magic and the message spell to communicate and coordinate actions during play, this spell choice worked well in our group since we role-played way more than my 3.5e edition group, who focused on min/maxing and combat.

I’ll miss my Pathfinder group. The worst part is that I will not finish the Council of Thieves Adventure Path due to my move to Florida. Once I get settled in to my new town, I will try to find a game group. I will have to start all over as a player, maybe I’ll try the Kingmaker path since I don’t like playing the same game twice or reading an adventure in advance. On the bright side, I am looking forward to finding a new group for my World of Alidor games.

I was talking with my 4e gaming neighbor about my move, and he mentioned he has a long distance player that uses Skype to continue play with his group. Unfortunately I am the techy nerd in my group, so that option is out for Pathfinder and 3.5 games here in Urbana. My neighbor said I could play 4e with his group, but honestly, I have given up on WotC game products and can’t see myself putting all that energy into a game I just don’t enjoy anymore.

So for now it is goodbye Pathfinder, and thanks Paizo, for really putting the effort in, to make an excellent game product.

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