Xmoniuum Lizard and Other Beasts Imagined on Road Trip

On our trip down to our new place in Florida, my son helped me create some new monsters for Alidor. Actually, I just listened to him tell me stories of his imagined monsters, while my wife jotted down notes. They are not stat’d out, so they could be used in almost any game system, especially ones were the players think they know everything and have seen everything; just toss an Xmonuum lizard and it’s offspring their way and watch them tremble in fear as a swarm of babies envelops the party. Evil GM laugh…

Xmoniuum Lizard

Likes water
Can be any color, they can trick you.
They are bumpy
They eat grass
They are green if they are in the grass and if you touch them they turn your color
They are 5 speed but the babies can go 100 speed

Ig-mar-gar-ine lizard

It acts dead
They hop, really high, like 100 tall,
It can talk, but only if you give it a cracker.
They eat bugs and corn and spiders and hair on the floor
Looks like a Komodo dragon, but it has a snakes tongue, they are nice to kids and people. They run away from mean people they are super speedy 100 speed

Jellyfish kindfish

Made out of sheilds and swords. If you touch it, you will die the swords are poisnous & sharp.
It’s blue like the water so you can’t see them. They travel in groups of 100. They split up and move on the bottom like a shell. It changes to any color if no fish or sting rays are around. They always do things to fight because they have eyes all over their head: ratio eyes. 2 are real.

I get a kick out of my son’s stories, apparently 100 is the number to beat, if it is real fast it has a speed 100; if it jumps high, 100 is the highest it will jump. Feet, inches, meters, 100 universal units is the beast’s movement. I suppose 100 five foot squares in my game.

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