Ye Old PC My Dad Played

Wow, I am still organizing and unpacking from the move to Florida. The wife asked me to try and clear out as much D&D stuff as possible, so today on Father’s Day, I was drudging through the 7 boxes of RPG game gear when I came across my step dad’s old PC. Yup my step dad played D&D with me on weekends and weekdays when he was not working. The date on the character sheet was erased, but it said 10/31/82, I was 16 at the time, and most likely the DM for the games he played in. I got a chuckle that he had 18 (00) strength, I had forgot about that stat, matter of fact, his character was pretty much a super hero (Str 18(00), Int 14, Wis 19, Dex 15, Con 17 & Char 18) compared to the ones I make these days using standard point buy rules instead of rolling dice. Back then, I think we used the roll 4 die 6s, 7 times, and re-roll any “ones” and then drop the lowest roll.

I called my step dad to say happy Father’s Day and told him I found his old PC and he laughed. He remembered it was a druid when I said the PC’s name. We talked for a while about the games we had played together. Now, nearly 25 years since we last gamed together, I said thanks for being involved in my life.

On the whole life thing, I saw on the back of the character sheet at the bottom a place for the PC’s will. Back in the days of AD&D, players died often, and sometimes that will area got used to help divide up the belongings of the deceased. I have not seen a “will” area on a character sheet in ages; too funny.

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