Sometimes all you need is some dice, some legos and a colossal red dragon

Last weekend on Father’s Day my son, who is six, decided it was his time to run a game. He spent an hour digging through his Legos, and my game figure box. He built a path with Heroscape hexes and then loaded it with traps, which, if we defeated, gave out lego studs for us to collect as money.

We used two d20’s, one was rolled to see how far we could move; if you rolled a 5 you could move 4 hexes and use the 5th as an action, like an attack. Yup, if you rolled 15 on the move die, you could move 4 hexes still and get 11 things to try like attack or remove traps.

Target numbers were arbitrary, to attack the colossal red dragon with a weapon we needed to roll 18 or higher. If we cast a spell at it, we had to beat a 10 to cast it, which was one action roll, with the other die 20, and then a hit roll of 5 or higher to target the dragon. Other monsters were harder to hit with magic and easier with weapons. We would roll both d20’s at the same time to cast a spell an to hit the target with the spell. You could only save against a spell if you had action points left or banked up. Fatal flaw for the red dragon was it did not bank its action points so it suffered the wrath of a blindness spell which cut its action roll result in half.

I missed a trap and the black dragon opened up a can of whoop-ass on me. I was nearly dead, fortunately, my wife still had action points, so she healed me with a couple d20 rolls.

We had a blast playing this game together as a family and we made it all up as we went. Sometimes all you need to have fun is a couple dice and some quick thinking and a ton of youthful imagination.

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