Dwarven Forge Does it Again

I am on the mailing list for Dwarven Forge, and this afternoon, they sent me a message about their new 3d dungeon tile set called the Ruins Set. This email caught my eye, because it matches very close to the way I actually end up using the sets I purchased from them in the past. Once in a while a will set a dungeon up using their pieces for actual rooms and passages, but most often I use the parts for vertical relief and obstacles; they are perfect for raising kobold archers out of reach of melee. The new set is cool, because you can make a ruined area above ground that represents vertical relief better. I always wished I had a crumbled wall to throw out on the battle mat; this set provides one.

This set is useful for dungeons on the surface, or if you have other parts like their Room and Passage Set, you can mix and match them.

I should say, I am just a happy customer of Dwarven Forge products, and I don’t own this set yet. Both the flyer I received, and their website, state they are taking pre-orders and they have specials, so check them out. The images above are from their email to me.

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