Looks like it is ENnie time again

ENnie activity is starting again as we get closer to Gen Con this August 4th through the 8th. I just recieved an email newsletter from Lone Wolf Development and it looks like it might be up for an ENnie for Hero Lab. Woo hoo! I use Hero Lab to help build Pathfinder Characters for my Alidor game and for Pathfinder Society play.

Down near the bottom of the newsletter, they said they had partnered further with Paizo Publishing to make “Hero Lab the only officially licensed character management tool for the bestselling Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.” Too Cool! I hope they don’t let it all go to their heads and give up support for Call of Cthulu…

I just pulled an image from my computer to show what Hero Lab offers as of today.

I just have Pathfinder but the wife said I could get Call of Cthulu this fall.

So go vote 2010 ENnies voting booth

I am just a happy customer of Lone Wolf Development and have no financial interest. I just want to see the good guys win.

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  1. Hey! Did you know d20pfsrd.com is up for a Best Website Ennie! If you are a fan I’d really appreciate spreading the word around to vote for us!