2010 ENnie and my iPad

I posted a while back that I purchased an iPad for my wife, though I did have plans for it myself, namely, gaming. What’s this have to do with ENnie awards? Not much unless you play Pathfinder, and need quick access to the rules, then it’s the d20PFSRD website I got to the most. I use it on my iPhone and on my iPad quite often and the guys at the Pathfinder SRD are up for an ENnie this year.

I have the hardcover books for Pathfinder, I have the pdfs too. That’s the cool thing about Paizo you can have both. Sometimes I am in a hurry to get a rules answer and the books are not handy and the pdfs are too slow to search, but not on the Pathfinder SRD, there you can quickly get to the rule answer you want without distraction. The actual rule books for Pathfinder have great artwork throughout which sometimes distract me.

Say you want to know more about the combat feat Blinding Critical, well two clicks get you there; that is how easy it is to find info on the Pathfinder SRD website using my iPad or iPhone. The website has helped me numerous times to quickly get get rules answer at the game table. This year at the ENnies the Pathfinder SRD (www.d20pfsrd.com) is one of my favorites and I hope they win in their category of Best Website.

Go to the Gen Con EN World RPG Awards website and vote today. The polls close at midnight, July 25th.

I use GoodReader on the iPad for pdf viewing.

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  1. WOOT WOOT! Thanks for such positive words!